Why Nitrogen Tires?

Nitrogen tire inflation has been around for a long time. The benefits of nitrogen over air, has been utilized in a wide range of applications including aerospace, commercial and military aircraft, rare cars and off-road equipment. With the most recent advances in technology, nitrogen inflation is a growing trend in tire inflation.


Why Nitrogen For Tires?
You probably already know that maintaining the right inflation pressure is the single best thing you can do for your tires. Its so vital, that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) now requires vehicle manufacturers to install tire pressure monitoring systems in all light vehicles which alerts drivers when a tire becomes under-inflated.

However, you may not know the professional secret to keeping your tires properly inflated. If you’re looking for a dramatic yet simple upgrade to your vehicle, consider switching from regular compressed air to nitrogen. Nitrogen costs very little, improves performance, increases safety, and saves you money in gas and maintenance.

Insist on NAPA Nitrogen for your tire inflation. Provide your family with an extra level of safety by filling your tires with NAPA Nitrogen.


NAPA Nitrogen: ESP for Tires

  • Consistent proper inflation and cooler operating temperatures provide up to 25% longer tire life
  • Nitrogen is not as effected by outside air temperatures and will maintain more consistent pressure through seasonal variations in temperature.
  • Properly inflated, nitrogen filled tires have less rolling resistance, increasing fuel economy an average of 3.3%.
  • Nitrogen is a dry gas which does not transport the damaging effects of moisture and oils inside the tire as is often the case with compressed air


  • Nitrogen filled tires run cooler and maintain proper inflation four times longer than air.
  • Proper inflation helps prevent blowouts. 60% of blowouts are caused by under-inflated tires.
  • Properly inflated tires help maintain a tires proper footprint providing improved handing, which is especially important in emergencies and in poor weather.


  • Properly inflated nitrogen filled tires allow your car to operate at its optimum level of performance when cornering, braking or traveling at highway speeds.
  • Nitrogen tire inflation is the standard for race teams worldwide because of its consistent inflation characteristics and cooler operating temperatures.

NAPA Nitrogen: The larger, cooler, dryer choice for tire inflation.
Nitrogen molecules are larger than oxygen molecules contained in air and thereby permeate rubber more slowly. Tires run cooler because nitrogen dissipates heat better. Nitrogen does not retain moisture which can heat up and expand.

When tires are exposed to air, a long term, continuing deterioration occurs through the oxidation of the rubber in the tire. Consider what happens to an aging rubber band? It loses its elasticity as well as it’s strength. This same process occurs in tires inflated with air.

Nitrogen provides quicker heat dispersion and as a result, a cooler running tire which helps extend tread life and reduce tire failure Nitrogen also prevents oxidation which can not only lead to tread separation and belt failure, but when combined with moisture, corrode rims. In fact, moisture can result in rust flakes that can fall into the valve stem, block the valve and cause air leakage and under-pressurization. It can even cause the valve stem to rust.

Provide your family with an increased level of safety and performance by having your tin filled with NAPA Nitrogen. Whether traveling on vacation or travelling cross town on a hot day, properly filled, nitrogen inflated tires afford an extra measure of safety and performance you shouldn’t be without.